Rotary Tervuren Fundraiser


Join us for a seating in the great dinning area or enjoy the finger food.

Silent Auction

Bid on your favourite items in a silent auction.

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Dance Party

Celebrate with us the success of the fundraiser in a wonderful dance party.

Rotary Club Tervuren

organises each year a major fundraising event to support a local charitable organisation. This year we want to support the Street Nurses in Brussels in their aim to provide a sustainable re-integration into society of homeless people through their "Housing First" project.


Château Saint-Anne
Oude Molenstraat/Rue du Vieux Moulin 103
1160 Brussels


Welcome to this exclusive château in Brussels.

Cocktail Area

We'll offer the cocktails on the terras.


Afterwards we invite you to the salons for dining.

Event Schedule

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  • 19h00


    Château St.-Anne, terras

  • 20h00

    Dinner followed by Auction.

    Château St.-Anne, second floor Seats : 200 Ticket: €120

  • 20h30

    Finger Food followed by Auction.

    Château St.-Anne, first floor Seats : 50 Ticket: €60

  • 22h00

    Dance Party.

    Château St.Anne, first floor

  • 01h00


Main Project

Explanation of project

Who are they

street nurses 1

The non-profit organization Street Nurses was formed in April 2005. Two Nurses realized that, despite there being many medical and social organizations in Brussels, there were still a great number of homeless people in the Belgian capital. They noticed that personal care and health were major issues for homeless people and were convinced that they could solve these problems.

Field Work

street nurses 2

As their name suggests, Street Nurses takes to the streets to meet patients directly in their environment, without asking for payment. We take care of them, earning their trust, and we motivate them to take charge of their personal care and health by accompanying them to specific care facilities, by actively listening to their needs and giving them advices.

Housing First

street nurses 3

With their Housing First style projects the primary goals are to give the homeless access to housing and help him/her stay in a home. We believe that those goals are not only possible but also desirable for the homeless person who is a social outcast, has mental issues, is dependent on drugs or alcohol, suffers from physical ailments.


Details of our tickets



  • Seating at table in Salons
  • 3-course Dinner
  • Drinks
  • Access to Auction
  • only 200 seats
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Finger Food


  • Finger Food
  • Drinks
  • Access to Auction
  • only 50 people
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How to make your reservations

Send an email with the names of guests and ticket type to:

Transfer the needed amount to our account:

BE90 7340 2691 0132

with message: Rotary Party 2017 + your name

Reservations are only valid after receipt of payment


Details of our sponsoring



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Sponsor Table

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  • 10 Seats
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More About Us

Rotary Club Tervuren was officially recognized by Rotary International on January 17, 2005 and got the Keure (Charter) awarded on November 7, 2006.

RC Tervuren is an international club with Dutch and English as official languages.

RC Tervuren has about 35 members, both men and women (30%) of different nationalities. The average age of members is around 48 years.

The meetings take place every Monday evening. On the 1st and 3rd Monday at 19:15 there is a statutory meeting, usually with a (guest) lecturer in the Colonial Palace. The members then dine together. On the 2nd and 4th Monday is an informal meeting at 19h at one of the members’ home or at another location. Often the different commissions meet then. If there is a 5th Monday of the month, the club organizes a partner evening with dinner and a special activity. RC Tervuren has – like Rotary in general as main objective the realization of projects for good causes, both in our immediate environment as well as internationally.

Contact Us

For all enquiries about the club, please contact the secretariat via email: